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Image credit to lully136's Picrew!! ID: a picrew that loosely resembles me.

Hey! I'm femaleganondorfdragmire on Tumblr and LOZeldafan on Quotev!

I use any pronouns and I'm a bit of a label hoarder!

I'm a Canadian artist/author with wayyy too much (and somehow also not enough) time on my hands. I am a full-time arts student and I also have a part time job so replying to messages in a timely fashion is not my strongest suit. I'm not ignoring you, I swear. 😖

My main hobbies are writing, roleplaying+DND, and listening to music while imagining my favourite characters XD. I'm writing a mafia fiction novel and if you ask nicely I'll let you read the first chapter ;) I also love languages! I speak English and French fluently, basic Italian, and some Spanish! I'm learning the Gerudo alphabet too! Other than that, I play the ocarina, djembe, and kalimba for fun, I love to draw and paint, and I'm new to knitting and crochet, and I've been coding for about a year!

Spirituality-wise I am a pagan witch! I primarily work with Aphrodite, Danu, Dionysus, Lucifer, and Loki! I believe in reincarnation and the multiverse! I do believe in astrology and use it in my craft! I'm a sagittarius sun, capricorn moon, and libra rising! I don't discrimiate friendships based on signs but I do find it interesting in how relationships with other signs work out!

I'm also an alterhuman! I'm otherkin, otherkith, and a psychic vampire, among other things! Feel free to ask me anything about any of those, I'm very open about them!

HMU if you want to roleplay or just talk! I promise, I don't bite. Or do I?

Thank you for visiting! :D

Some lists in no particular order!

    My Main Interests

  1. Art
  2. Video games
  3. LGBTQ+ topics
  4. History
  5. Historical fiction
  6. Fantasy
  7. Psychology
  8. Philosophy
  9. Anime
  10. Superheroes
  11. The Mafia
  12. Spirituality
  13. Plushies
  14. Pirates
  15. Mythology
  16. Theatre
  17. Cosplay
  18. Drag
  19. Dinosaurs

    My Main Fandoms

  1. The Legend of Zelda
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Kpop
  4. Supernatural
  5. Venture Bros.
  6. Metalocalypse
  7. Creepypasta
  8. The Godfather
  9. Good Omens
  10. Animal Crossing
  11. Game Grumps
  12. Pokemon
  13. Minecraft
  14. Portal
  15. The Road to El Dorado
  16. Squishmallows
  17. Once Upon a Time
  18. Black Butler
  19. Furry
  20. The Sims
  21. Our Flag Means Death
  22. What We Do in the Shadows
  23. Hetalia
  24. Avatar The Last Airbender
  25. The Office

    My Favourite Musicians

  1. Ghost
  2. Ninja Sex Party
  3. Queen
  4. My Chemical Romance
  5. Motörhead
  6. Styx
  7. Koji Kondo
  8. The Avett Brothers
  9. ACDC
  10. Mötley Crüe
  11. Neil Sedaka
  12. Teddy Reno
  13. Starbomb
  14. Fleetwood Mac
  15. Hozier
  16. The Killers
  17. Mo Kenny
  18. Abba
  19. David Bowie
  20. July Talk
  21. Supertramp
  22. Aerosmith
  23. BTS
  24. Twice
  25. 2NE1
  26. Girls' Generation
  27. Kep1er
  28. Dethklok
  29. Babymetal

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